How many Continuing Education credits do I need?

To keep your Real Estate License in Arizona you need to complete 24 CE hours every 2 years. Please see the Arizona Department of Real Estate website at for important information regarding Senate Bill 1219 and CE hours.

Why should I sign up for an Education Exchange Course?

You should sign up for an Education Exchange course for a few reasons. The first is to complete your required Continuing Education hours. Second, our instructors are professionals in their fields and know what is happening in the industry NOW. Third, our instructors won’t bore you and will provide you with valuable information to help you expand your knowledge and grow your business.

How do I sign up for an Education Exchange Course?

Go to the Upcoming Courses section, pick the class you want to attend and fill out the Registration Form.

How do I get my course completion certificate?

Certificates will be mailed after your completion of the course. If you do not receive your certificate, contact us here at