Brian Holiman, Senior Loan Officer

Brian began his mortgage career in 1996 as a loan processor and has been a Loan Officer, a Vice President/Branch Manager, a Regional Net Branch Manager, a mortgage litigation consultant, Director of Mortgage Lending and now, a Senior Loan Officer for Nova Home Loans. He has closed over 4000 loans in his career and through providing clarity, confidence, and effective communication, has enabled more than 2500 families to turn a house into a home. Brian understands while the numbers are important, a home is at its core, a place to be a family. For that reason, buying a home is an emotional experience. The home represents a family’s hopes and dreams for the future and the process requires uncommon expertise to help families turn those dreams into reality. That’s why his personal slogan has been “Your Dreams, My Expertise” for many years. Brian has a bachelor’s degree in business and theology, he has been married to the same wonderful woman since 1989, has a lovely daughter and all of them enjoy traveling anywhere at any time for any reason!

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Cheri Horbacz

Director Education & Outreach Certified Statewide AzDRE Instructor Southwest Fair Housing Council

Daniel Jackson, Senior Loan Officer

Daniel Jackson is a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist at NOVA Home Loans in Yuma, Arizona. Daniel truly has the heart of a teacher, and is enthusiastic about educating clients. As a husband and father, Daniel knows that homeownership is never just about numbers on a page. That’s why he takes great pride in providing world-class service and professional advice to each and every family he serves. He firmly believes that adherence to integrity is the key to his success. …Away from the office, you will most likely find Daniel spending time with his family. He and his wife Kimmy are the proud parents of 6 children. One of their favorite ways of making memories together as a family is by getting out of town and taking road trips. Among their favorite destinations are San Diego and Las Vegas. They also enjoy visiting family in Utah and Colorado. Daniel starts each day with the question: “How can I increase my service today?” He has a commitment to continually expanding the goals and vision he shares with NOVA Home Loans: “To remove the fear and uncertainty from the home financing process, and help people feel confident about the decisions they are making.”

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Manny Hernandez, Senior VP, Lender Services

Manny Hernandez has been in the mortgage credit industry for over 20 years. His experience began as a team lead with a local mortgage credit reporting firm in Tucson, Arizona and grew to launching an in house credit reporting agency for a nationally ranked mortgage lender. The unique background of working with both a mortgage credit agency and for a mortgage firm has provided me with the knowledge and background to become one of the leading professionals in the mortgage credit industry.

Thomas Higgins, Credit & Product Development Analyst

Tom Higgins started his career in mortgage lending in 2000 and is thrilled to be a continuing education instructor. Tom’s experience with Secondary Marketing, Business Process Development, Training and loan origination has given him a unique perspective on industry changes over the past two decades. Working with Credit Services, he works closely with credit vendors, has a dedication to client relationships, as well as a personal drive to help borrowers overcome their credit challenges.