Greg Gale, Branch Manager, Senior Loan Officer

With a background in martial arts and personal training, Greg brings a unique perspective to the mortgage industry. The Gale Team was founded in 2005 and has been powered by NOVA® Home Loans since 2008, where Greg leads his personal team and manages 2 branches. Greg's 30+ years of martial arts experience has instilled in him the values of persistence, honor, and integrity, which he brings to his role as a Real Estate Wealth Professional. The Gale Team at NOVA® Home Loans is a full-service loan origination service, committed to providing innovative mortgage solutions and real estate strategies. Under Greg's leadership, the team places a strong emphasis on integrity, positivity, patience, creativity, and exceptional communication. They are dedicated to listening to their clients' needs and finding the best possible solutions that often exceed expectations. Greg and his team are passionate with their purpose of helping others accumulate wealth through Real Estate. In addition to his role at NOVA® Home Loans, Greg is a national coach for two different companies, The CORE Training, inc. and Cardone Enterprises, where he trains lenders, realtors, and salespeople on specific tactics to build and maintain a relationship-based business. He is also a regular contributor to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Arizona State University, and many other local charities. Greg is a member of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers and the Arizona Association of Mortgage Brokers.

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Idalia Nayestani, Lender Services & Product Development Manager

Idalia Nayestani joined the Credit Services team in 2015. She worked with all verticals offered by Landsafe with a primary focus on credit, flood and appraisal departments. With several years as a project manager, a client relationship manager, and understanding of ancillary products, Idalia is able to implement solutions and systems that will benefit the team and organization while maintaining professionalism and service levels. Idalia is certified to give CE course in Arizona and Nevada and will assist with many of the classes offered.

Jeffrey Raskin

Manny Hernandez, Senior VP, Lender Services

Manny Hernandez has been in the mortgage credit industry for over 20 years. His experience began as a team lead with a local mortgage credit reporting firm in Tucson, Arizona and grew to launching an in house credit reporting agency for a nationally ranked mortgage lender. The unique background of working with both a mortgage credit agency and for a mortgage firm has provided me with the knowledge and background to become one of the leading professionals in the mortgage credit industry.


Thomas Higgins, Credit & Product Development Analyst

Tom Higgins started his career in mortgage lending in 2000 and is thrilled to be a continuing education instructor. Tom’s experience with Secondary Marketing, Business Process Development, Training and loan origination has given him a unique perspective on industry changes over the past two decades. Working with Credit Services, he works closely with credit vendors, has a dedication to client relationships, as well as a personal drive to help borrowers overcome their credit challenges.